General Public Meeting
05 December 2022
Record Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held at Andrews Church at 6 pm

HOA Board was present:
Teanesha King President
Gabriel Lieber Vice President
Michelle Ponsell Treasurer
Carl Scarsbrick
Mischa Thompson

President discussed the Transition Advisory Council and the way forward with the council. Will be dissolved and some members will be transitioned to committees underneath the board.

President discussed the WHOA website: Its where most information on the HOA can be found.
Such as projected budget, last year’s actual budget, all convents, bylaws, etc. Email for HOA can be found on website as well as complaints form, request for modifications, etc.

Treasurer discussed budget projections for the year 2023, last year’s budget and the purpose for the reserve account – Its purpose is to cover unknown expenses such as damage to public areas, water main breaks, miscellaneous needs.

Questions asked by members:

Georgian Mill and purpose in the HOA: Georgian Mills pay a portion of the assessment due to the use of the Woodlands HOA property, but they are not a part of the HOA therefore are not entitled to the general areas within the HOA.

Why are the bathrooms at the playgrounds not open all the time: There have been multiple issues with vandalism to the bathrooms when they were left unlock 24/7. Such as toilets being stuffed full. The HOA is looking into ways to keep the areas secure and allow easy access. Suggestions offered: Some type of camera system, key fobs assigned to each house, have bathrooms open from dusk to dawn, individualized pins assigned to each house. Board will look into options and post on the website for determination by the HOA Community.

Can a receipt be provided for paid assessments: Yes, if you would like a receipt, please email the HOA and one will be provided