2024 Assessments Are Due By December 1, 2023

2024 Assessments Are Due by December 1, 2023. A late fee will be added for all payments after 12/5/2023.

Please submit your payment online or mail your payment to:

WHOA Houston, Inc.
300 Woodlands Blvd
Kathleen, GA 31047

Please include the home address with your payment


2024 Board of Directors
The new 2024 Board of Directors are posted are now posted under Board of Directors. Click here ->

An email was sent today to WHOA residents that have an email address on file regarding the establishment of an WHOA email group. If you did not receive the email that means that I do not have an address for you. Please send an email to whoahouston@gmail.com if you are interested in receiving correspondence via email so that I can get my records updated.

Changes to the Hwy 127 Woodlands Entrance
Houston County will be connecting Talton Road and Woodlands Blvd. This will result in a new intersection and is necessitated by Matt Arthur Primary School, now under construction. Estimated to commence late this year (2023) or early next, this project will take approximately one year and will shift the existing Talton Road to the west and Woodlands Blvd to the east such that both roads will be directly across from one another. For this new intersection, the county will take a portion of what is now WHOA property. Negotiations are underway for just compensation for the property and restitution for the trees, fence, water/irrigation, electrical/lighting and landscaping that exists on that property. Additionally, adjacent WHOA property will be affected and the extent of that impact to signage, water/irrigation, electrical/lighting and landscaping is yet to be determined. The county will ensure that ingress/egress on Woodlands Blvd will continue throughout the construction process.

Late notices have been mailed to properties that have not paid 2023 assessments. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to whoahouston@gmail.com

Solar Panel Guidelines
Please click here for Solar Panel Guidelines. Solar Panels can be installed within and below privacy fence on side or rear of home.

Reflective House Numbers
The majority of house numbers in the Woodlands are difficult to discern/see. There is a service available should homeowners desire to have reflective house numbers applied to their curbing adjacent the road. The numbers are black in color and applied to a white reflective background, a rectangle approximately 4.5 inches tall and 8-10 inches wide. Application of these numbers on the curbing could be of great assistance to emergency services such as fire, police, ambulance and others trying to locate a particular home. Should a homeowner be interested in having these numbers applied, contact Justin Lister at 478-302-1803.

Playground / Parks Update

Check back here for future updates

Old Perry Rd / Woodard Rd “Warner Robins” &
Woodland Blvd / Hollow Wood Way “Perry”

    • Playground and Pavilions at 102 Misty Leaf Path (Warner Robins) and 302 Woodlands Blvd(Perry) are now OPEN! Please enjoy it safely and respectfully.
    • With notice, the WHOA will open the bathrooms for an event of 2 hours or longer. You will need to provide the date and time frame and which park you are wanting to use (there are two; one at 102 Misty Leaf Path, the other at 300 Woodlands Blvd)
    • No reservations are taken for use of the pavilion. They are available on a first come, first serve basis to WHOA, Inc members (and their guests) only. Guests must be accompanied by a homeowner at all times.
    • We appreciate your efforts in keeping the Woodlands such a beautiful place to call home! Report any broken or damaged equipment to the Woodlands Homeowners Association at whoahouston@gmail.com